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Who we are

Founded in 1993 to satisfy first needs of molecular tests, very soon GeneDia began to move by itself in the molecular diagnostic market, developing diagnostic’s tests by the use of unusual techniques.

15 years after, our contracting project has become a reality, our references lie in our customers that, contributing with their feedback, let us reaching a target that only motivated firms can reach.

In 2005 we obtained the CE mark for device, which put us in first place as interlocutor in the Molecular Diagnostic market.

Considering the high complexity and technicality of this sector, Genedia developed high quality products that guides the users during all the analytical process phases. The customers can also trust on an efficient service of technical assistance.

Most part of GeneDia’s activity consists in R&D projects, which are assigned to qualified personal that operates in a environment oriented to cooperation and the sharing of competences and knowledge, which stimulates the continuous learning of the operators.

GeneDia represents today a contact point between the world of market with the world of products and research/development, offering solution with high technology contents.

Team, competences, high motivations in project activities and the reject of mime the concurrent represent the elements of our success.

We are proud to present you a panel of our unique devices conform to  Directive 98/79/CE.

Visit the slideshow of GeneDia's product.