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>> GD 230 Real BKV (IVD)

BK virus’ research and quantification through Real Time PCR
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Amplification’s techniques of nucleic acids for infections diagnosis are nowadays quite widespread. The Real BKV device has been studied to allow the qualitative determination of   BKV-DNA in serum, plasma and urine’s samples from affected patient, through a single step HPA(High   Performance Amplification)  protocol, which conjugates the knowledge related to the  Real Time PCR   technique with the optimisation due to the amplification’s reaction. The device provides all the necessary for the execution of the following protocol:
Extraction (from plasma, serum and urine) and purification of viral DNA;
Genomic amplification.
Automatic detection of the virus by Real Time PCR/ Sybr Green and automatic reckoning of the melting point (TM) for each amplified sample.

BK virus detection is executed by a couple of primers with an high specify, which define a portion of 366bp inside the non-coding region, transcription control region of BKV (that do not cross-react with human genomic DNA). Deoxytimidine is substituted with deoxyuracile in the dNTPs mix provided in the Real T-Buffer, this substitution allows the eventual use of Uracil DNA glycosilasi (not provided with the device) in order to check the carry over.

The amplification reaction is carried out by a thermostable DNA polymerase with a high half-life characteristic that assure an homogeneous efficiency for the entire analytical process. The device provides also a calibrator, STD BKV, which allows the setting up of the calibration curve for the execution of quantitative tests. The large dynamic range and the high sensibility allow the simultaneous research and quantification of the virus.

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Date release: 21/03/2008
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