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BK virus regulatory region sequence deletions in a case of human polyomavirus associated nephropathy (PVAN) after kidney transplantation.

J Clin Virol. 2006 Jan; 35(1):106-8. Epub 2005 Sep 30

Azzi A,De Santis R, Salotti V, Di Pietro N, Ginevri F, Comoli P.
Department of Public Health, University of Firenze, Microbiology Unit, Viale Morgagni 48, 50134 Firenze, Italy.

The pathogenesis of polyomavirus-associated interstitial nephropathy (PVAN) in kidney transplant recipients is likely to depend upon multiple risk factors, which may include viral characteristics. We report a case of interstitial nephropathy in a young kidney allograft recipient, associated with a BK virus (BKV) strain with a rearranged transcription control region (TCR). BKV strains with deletions and nucleotide substitutions in the TCR were present in a kidney biopsy and urine samples. After retransplantation, following loss of renal function, a BKV strain with an archetypal TCR was detected in association with asymptomatic reactivation.

Data pubblicazione: 13/03/2008
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