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Device for the research of bacterial contamination in blood platelet
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Code GD 641

Destination for use. Real Quali Micro Kit, is an in vitro qualitative test for a quick detenction of the bacterial contamination in blood platelet, through the Real Time PCR tecnique (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

Informations obteneid through the test, in addition to other kind of laboratory’s analysis (for example the culture of bacteria), allows to determine this contamination.

The target.
The  16S r-DNA region of bacterial genome is particularly indicated for the target selection, because it is well conserved for a lot of bacteria. The device uses two primers  16S rev and 16S fwd, which define a 466 bp area in this region (16S  region of bacterial genome); the complementary region of the two primers is represented for the most by known bacteria, so it guarantees the analytical specificity. The amplification’s reaction is executed (upon the inactivation of the restriction’s enzyme) by a thermostable  TAQ-DNA polymerase that, with the presence of cofactor Magnesium Chloride  and with the right plug which contains dUTPs/ dNTPs, warrant an high emivita and an homogeneous efficiency during all the analytical process. In the mix of deoxynucleosidi trifosfati, the deoxitimidina is substituted with the  deoxyuracile, this substitution allows the utilization of Uracil DNA glicosilasi in order to check the carry over.

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Date release: 09/03/2008
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